Child and Teen Counselling

Child and adolescent counselling helps children or young people explore any concerns that may be causing problems in their social, emotional or cognitive development.

The therapeutic process gives them the opportunity to express difficult or confused feelings in a safe environment with clear boundaries.

Therapy for teenagers and young people can support individuals with developing their awareness to deal with social situations, relationships both personally and professionally including peer pressure and family, education, sexual health issues.

Adolescents Online Counselling

Adolescents are a particular cohort who have been impacted adversely by aspects of the pandemic. Resuming normal academic and social life is proving challenging and this is occuring alongside the pressures of school, especially those felt during exam years. It can feel hard to fit it all in and see their mates too.

At RISE our therapists have been working online with adolescents for several years and utilise tried and tested techniques to engage the young person via applications like Zoom. It is indeed what this generation of digital natives are beginning to expect from telehealth.

“These mountains you are carrying,
you were only supposed to climb.”

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