Child Art Psychotherapy

Art Psychotherapy uses a psychodynamic approach in assisting children and adolescents in recognising the importance of their earliest childhood experiences. This form of psychotherapy explores the change in their behaviours and addresses their ability to communicate what is happening in their present moment. Children and Adolescents sometimes find it hard to express themselves through words and talk therapy can sometimes be difficult. In the image-making process of Art Psychotherapy your child is provided with a space to recognise what happens in their images at their own pace. This recognition leads to a better understanding of their own individual experiences and emotions.

The Art Psychotherapy provided at Rise is based on the Vasarhelyi Method, strongly rooted in the Jungian approach. Jung said that image making has an ‘magical effect’…which goes out from the images to the individual and in this way [the] unconscious is extended and changed’ (Jung 1968). The use of the humanistic psychotherapeutic approach in Art Psychotherapy is also present, where the image is seen as the expression of the child’s internal world. Art Psychotherapists value the child’s view of their image as this is central to the therapeutic process.

Art psychotherapy can be an enjoyable way of helping your child understand their internal conflicts and no previous experience or expertise in art is required.

“These mountains you are carrying,
you were only supposed to climb.”

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