Couple Counselling

This type of counselling focuses on issues that occur in an intimate relationship between two people.

The counsellor facilitates an exploration and exchange of views and perspectives that may help to provide each partner with a better understanding of how conflict and discord is occurring in their relationship.

This can help to negotiate these areas to promote more cohesion and harmony or to make other long term decisions about the future of the relationship.

Both partners are expected to attend and to engage fully with this process in all sessions.

Relationship counselling is for ~

Working towards bringing a relationship back together.
Working towards bringing a relationship to a successful closing.
Working to create a new positive relationship, after ending a marriage/partnership with children.

  • No jugement
  • Equally heard
  • Identify individual path for this particular relationship
  • Address any hurt or resentment being held and negative patterns which have developed
  • Apply new communication skills outside the counselling room, and reassess what is working in counselling
  • Can see clients individually to allow more understanding and forward movement

“These mountains you are carrying,
you were only supposed to climb.”

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