MDN Household Package

RISE Counselling and Psychotherapy is a community orientated multi-disciplinary practice. That means that we are constantly in touch and researching within the community around what needs are presenting collectively. We offer a one stop shop for counselling and psychotherapy avoiding a need for signposting and cumbersome travel commitments to different locations and practices. Furthermore we are mindful of the fact that in some households there may be multiple needs for different types of counselling. With that in mind, we are proud to present a service exclusive to RISE called the MDN (Multi-Disciplinary Needs) Household Package.

So how does it work?

Following an initial assessment we work with new clients to establish the needs of the family system as a whole. That may entail a need for a couple’s intervention and a further requirement for child and adolescent therapy. Standardly it may well be expensive to fund both of these needs but at RISE, we will offer a further €10 reduction per intervention being provided. See below for more on how this works:

Example 1

Mary needs one to one counselling at a rate of €60 and counselling for her child, Lisa at a rate of €60. We will offer both of these services worth €120 for a total cost of €100 for both sessions (€50 each). We will also match the appointment times where possible to suit schedules around school, work etc.

Example 2

John and Paula have come for couples counselling at a rate of €70 but John also has a need for one to one counselling at a rate of €60 to deal with an issue around sexual dysfunction. In addition, their son, Mark (13) is struggling with the conflicts of the household and needs adolescent counselling at a rate of €60. We will offer all three services, totalling €220 for a discounted rate of €190.

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